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Advent Calendars

Heirloom Advent for all your Advent needs.

For 2022 the theme of Advent with SusieJ is Favorite Things

Quotes of German philosophers auf Deutsch!

Explore the collection of The Liverpool Museum

Oxford Museum of Art and Archeology

Calendars to make

Tuerchen and My Advent and Advent My Friend to build your own on line

Threadistry has curated kits of sew-your-own calendars.

All you need is a glue gun, some markers and an overflowing recycle bin.

Cobalt blue bowl of horse chestnuts on a dark red cutting board

Games and Toys on Line

Even without a white Christmas, you can still build a snowman.

This gingerbread house is all the fun of decoration your own house, without the mess or calories.

[Large wreath of evergreens and red berries hanging on a brick wall, Copyright 2009]


Design your own ornament

Make your own Christmas cards in Photoshop.

You can take a good Christmas photo

… even of something tricky, like Christmas lights.

Season of the Geek

O Blinkenbaum how bright are your branches.

Never worry about a dry tree again

Christmas tree you can mail

These cards from Evil Mad Scientist Labs are the last word in geeky.

Close-up of a silver Christmas ornament with the reflection of the photographer wearing a dark blue coat.


Snowglobe soaps: perfect for cold season.

Greenery, a tube pan, strong ribbon, and freezing temperatures make wreathes of ice.

No time to craft? No supplies? Candy canes from a sheet of paper.

Close-up of figures in a winter scene in a model train table.


My newest favorite Christmas album? Last year's A Very Spidey Christmas.

Bing & Bowie

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and muddle through some how.

Carol of the Bells is older than you think

[Detail of my mother's Christmas tree in 2006.]
[My house after the first snow of December, 2003.]

Tonight we feast

Global traditions

Christmas dinner

The cake that's a tradition in Germany and Japan

Tales of the Season

Poet Ian McMillan prefers Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.

Hanukkah with bells on, as remembered by Neil Gaiman.

Suggested by NapalmMorning: a seasonal saga of being on-call and backup on-call IT support.

Home Alone and It's a Wonderful Life: better off dead?

History and Traditions

Advent Calendars were first printed in the mid-1800s

Ghost stories at Christmas?

From the late 1800s come snow globes.

Miscellaneous Good stuff

The Christmas Price Index calculated by PNC bank.

Live tree care

Is it Christmas?

[Close up of a decorated Christmas tree, with a prominent red ball and an X-Wing Fighter hanging below it.]