French 75 Christmas Baking with SusieJ

Measurements [American]

  • 30 mL gin
  • 10 mL simple syrup
  • 15 mL fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Either:
    • Brut Champagne
    • any dry sparkling white wine
  • Lemon twist, to garnish, if desired

Quickly shake gin, syrup, lemon juice with ice, just to cool, and pour into a champagne flute. Top with the champers. I prefer two Californians: Korbel Natural, a true bargain at under $20 a bottle, or Chandon Blanc de Noir, at about $20.

[Two glasses of French 75 in gilded flutes, copyright 2015, Jorj F. Bauer, all rights reserved]

The French 75 combines two of my most favorite things: gin and bubbly. Because we'd never had one, the husband and I spent a delicious evening taste-testing ratios of gin-lemon-sugar. As much as I liked the traditional 2-1-1 ratio (I am a mathematician), a little extra simple syrup smoothed out the gin and champers so that they worked together, instead of the gin overpowering the champers.

"Oh, this is lovely," my husband declared when we next drank them together, from the flutes he'd bought as our wedding present, 20 years before.